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She primarily practices real-estate and lease law and has long-standing experience and expertise in matters relating to purchases and sales, property rights, contracting, foreclosure, company leases, condominium matters, etc. In the field of civil law, her services also extend to general contracts, family law (separations, divorces, additions and changes of surname) and succession law. She is a member of AIAF, the Italian Association of Family Law Attorneys. She provides counsel and advice in the field of real estate relating to the management of properties and leases.

Her services include debt recovery and the resulting attachment, distraint and foreclosure procedures. Where requested, she can provide a preliminary evaluation of the likelihood of the success of debt recovery procedures.
She has also served as bankruptcy counsel and arbitrator.
She provides both out-of-court advice and counsel and representation before the courts and arbitration panels.

In the field of criminal law, she has served as addressee for substituted service and/or co-counsel.

She has been appointed counsel to individuals, small and medium enterprises in the commercial and service sectors, real-estate companies and condominium administrators.
She places a strong emphasis on negotiations aimed at reaching a settlement in order to avoid going to court, where possible.